Where are you originally from?

Calgary, Canada

Where do you live now?

Toronto, Canada

whats your FAVOURITE food?

Tacos, Pizza and Apple Pie (sometimes all together)

How Old are you?

21 years young

Why White Light?

White Light has a much deeper meaning outside the music and mask. Both on and off stage I strive towards being the best version of myself every single day, and in doing so, I aim to inspire people just like you to find their light.

Can you see out of your mask?

Yes, but I can't see through it. I get asked this question on a weekly basis so I will explain a bit further. The mask sits on my face, so it blocks my upper view. I can see everything below (my DJ gear), which is all the sight I need. From the crowd, you can't see my eye's, which is the mystery.

How would you explain your sound?

Imagine you're travelling through space in the 80's, that is my sound.

What are your plans for white Light?

In the next 2-3 years, my goal is to shine from the dark in the Canadian music industry. Not only through my music, but also through my philosophy of guiding others, I want to create a notable impact on the music industry in my generosity. We are already making an impact, and this is just the beginning.